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Dr Holder is BAD NEWS. She claims to be great at holistic veterinary medicine but she is NOT Board certified in that area! After charging me over $800 for supplements, blood work, etc. I still did not have an answer for why my dog was so sick. I decided to go to a REAL holistic veterinarian in Winter Park. That vet was shocked how incompetent Dr Holder was. She said that Dr Holder had prescribed the completely wrong medications for my dog and that they were potentially harmful.

Dr Holder was very arrogant and it really seemed like she was in this for the money. She became very defensive when I asked very basice questions.

Her technician was also incompetent. I even asked the technician if she was new and she told me she had been there for a "long time". She was unable to properly restrain my small, gentle dog. You could tell that Dr Holder became annoyed and they took my dog to another room and were gone for 45 minutes to draw blood. My dog came back with 4 bleeding legs and a swollen neck. When I asked what happened, they dismissed it and said she had bad veins. The vet in Winter Park was able to draw blood from her front right leg on the first try.

What is most frustrating is that my dog was misdiagnosed, manhandled and given the wrong medications. I do not recommend this veterinarian to anybody.

Monetary Loss: $800.

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Drs Holder and Mason have the best veterinary practice I have ever experienced. Dr.Holder has done acupuncture surgery and prolonged the lives of my canine family for over ten years


Mason did emergency surgery on a rescue I have for pyametria

I cannot say enough good things about this hospital. I almost forgot that they also take in Wild animals and strays. My husband and I Love them.

Sincerely Lyn Collina. Figuza

Longwood, Florida, United States #897118

Worth every penny!!!!! no one could tell me what was wrong with my dog until i landed here!!

they are amazing and well versed. my vet was over medicating my dog and doing more harm that good!!!! i would never go anywhere else for my pets health!!! i don't care what the cost.

And by the way all the money i spent trying to figure out what the problem was cost me more than what i spent here.

I would of saved money if i only went here first!! don't look anywhere else if you truly love your pet!!!

Clermont, Florida, United States #813319

You Florida Wild fans all sound like a bunch of nuts!!

to nicole Longwood, Florida, United States #897121

And who are you to pass judgement!

Daytona Beach, Florida, United States #711455

This bad review of Florida Wild is total BS. We have taken two exotic animals to their practice, and all of the veterinarians and techs were extremely gentle and thorough in their examinations.

Our eldest daughter is out of state, and received her DVM from one of the top three veterinary schools in the country. She is now pursuing her PhD for a possible research career in Veterinary Internal Medicine. Our daughter agreed completely with how Florida Wild diagnosed and treated our pets, which were not easy diagnoses.

To Dr. Holder and everyone else at Florida Wild we say, "Keep up the great work!"

Deland, Florida, United States #647386

The review was not posted by me, The real Karen K Clark. There is a very sick person out there degrading many veterinarians under the name "karensicko". Florida Wild had absolutely nothing to do with the City of Deland Animal Control's confiscation of the ARK animals. But First of all, any posts degrading the West Volusia Humane Society, Deland Police and certain City of Deland, Fl employees,Deland Animal Hospital and Val U Vet and all employees are NOT BEING POST BY ME. There have been many posts by several people under ASSUMED names with letters and numbers THAT INCLUDE MY NAME. They do not have the guts to POST THEIR REAL NAMES & meet face to face. They are cowards that are what appears to be blinded by some loyalty/ attachment to a "Animal RESCUE" Charity in Deland that had MULTIPLE NEGLECT/ abuse CHARGES LEVIED AGAINST THEM AS WELL AS FIRE CODE VIOLATIONS. IT DID MAKE TV NEWS last fall. OVER 130+ ANIMALS IN DEPLORABLE CONDITION. THEY HAD OVER 3 MONTHS TO CLEAN UP AND COME TO CODE. I still remember the comments on TV as stated by multiple station reporters, "You can smell it from here". They were on the street and sidewalk.That's neglect. Go after them. I really believe they do not "SAVE".

I believe This is why there are an unusual amount of posts everywhere regarding the hospitals involved with the action by police and the mistaken association of Florida Wild. This creates controversy so all it appears to be is to get good and bad publicity out there .

Deland, Florida, United States #593062

AlisonS is me, Karen Clark. So I got carried away with jealousy.

And I'm also *** so what can I say? duh...... Maybe that's why I keep getting kicked out of all the non profits I start.

I began to cause trouble. Alison, Karen, Gloria, Alison, just can't keep up with all the names I use.

Deland, Florida, United States #593061

KAREN CLARK IS MY NAME. Don't forget it!!!

I LOVE FLORIDA WILD AND I ADMIT THAT I WROTE THAT UGLY COMMENT ABOUT THEM. They are such brilliant doctors; the building is beautiful and they do fantastic work. I got carried away with my lies and I apologize. Now I can't take it back.


Sorry Florida Wild. Please forgive me.......................

Deland, Florida, United States #593060

I HATE TO ADMIT IT BUT I WROTE THE UGLY COMMENT ABOUT FLORIDA WILD. My name is Karen Clark and I am completely disgusted with myself for what I did and now I can't take it back.

Those doctors are brilliant. The best in Florida! I have started half a dozen non profits for animals and I AM AN AUTHORITY ON GOOD SERVICES AND CARING VETERINARIANS. This hospital is terrific and I STAKE MY NAME and REPUTATION - KAREN CLARK - ON THIS.

My vote is for this hospital above all others in Florida. YOU GO FLORIDA WILD AND KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK.

Orlando, Florida, United States #592965

This is clearly a made up review. I own several exotic pets, and a beautiful young siamese cat that Doctor Holder takes care of. One of my pet rats has had 3 surgeries with Doctor Holder, and has come out of each as good as new and with barely any scarring. She prescribes the appropriate medications, and never too much, and every animal I've ever seen around her is calm and well taken care of. Even when she trimmed my cats nails, he didn't even flinch!

The idea that she would mess up a simple blood sample, on FOUR legs, to the point of bleeding, is simply beyond the realm of possibility, and completely eliminates any credibility the reviewer has. Perhaps the next time you want to post a negative review in order to harass, stick to something plausible and believable. Exaggeration doesn't help your case.

As a final note, Dr. Holder is the best veterinarian I have ever encountered, and her staff are incredibly supportive, and provide exceptional care to every animal at their hospital.

Orlando, Florida, United States #592609

The first time I went to FloridaWild was 8 years ago. Dr Holder saw my bird and from the first moment I knew she knew her stuff.

She's down to earth and you can tell she loves her job. She makes the clients and their animals feel comfortable and she treats them as if they are the only ones. Over the years I have had many pets. I have also had some good veterinarians.

However, Dr Holder holds the trophy in my book. She is knowledgable, caring, and really does care about your pet in every sense.

The person that wrote the nasty, negative comment sounds like someone who is always the victim and finds fault with everything in life. Too bad you are so miserable.

Deland, Florida, United States #587801

Anyone who has ever set foot in that office knows that this review is a crank.

Deland, Florida, United States #587799

Please provide your name, the date you had your appointment at FloridaWild and your pet's name. This is a bogus review.

After reviewing our files we see that no client fits this description.

Sounds like you are an internet bully. Shame on you.

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